The 3P Model is a startups assessment and evaluation tool

The three pillars of Product, People & Playground (the 3 Ps) simplify the process of a comprehensive evaluation of a startup 

Using an interdisciplinary approach, coupled with the principal of the co-existence of contradictions, the 3P Model is the innovative 21st century method of assessing and dealing with the new organisational form of the Startup


The 3P Model provides you with a comprehensive yet simple framework to assess and evaluate investment readiness of startups. Our flexible assessment template and our 3P questionnaires give you the full picture of your investment, in a balanced and clear way 

 Make 3P Model your personal assistant  


Consultants, mentors and business coaches - Use the three pillars of Product, People & Playground and our adaptable questionnaires to produce a client diagnosis. The 3P map allows you to easily and successfully shape your advice and track your client’s development 

Get into the startup state of mind


A successful entrepreneur is a mindful one. Use the 3P whiteboard to self-asses your startup and to create your “Seed ID”. Use it to monitor your development and as the perfect information source for pitching and preparing for fundraising

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